Friday, August 17, 2012

Loving Boxes and Quality Time

We have had the Big Moo2s staying with us for the last week, and will be here for the next four. Earthquake repairs, they are getting their house plastered and repainted and much of the brick work re done. Its going to look fab when its completed!

They have fully set up our spare room as a little apartment, theres a big screen tv, a fridge, computer, table, two chairs and all their other bits and pieces! With them came big boxes which Milla loved! She even plucked up the courage to crawl through them to the other side!

Infact, they are so set up we barely see them!

They are away this weekend, and on Saturday my own parents are coming to stay in the Moo2s little apartment!

I love that we are able to have a spare room and it can be given out to those who need it, and when its not homing someone its drying our washing and storing love bombs :)

I had a fab night with Mr Moo on Tuesday. I had the car all day and went to pick him up from work, instead of taking us home I drove out to the beach and we had fish and chips in the car while it poured with rain outside and the windows fogged up on the inside.

We went home, put the baby in bed, turned off the lights and watched Harry Potter (and the Goblet of Fire (possibly my most fav movie and book of the series)) together while snuggled on the couch in the dark.

It was devine.

All those little moments make up the joy in my life, its important to stop and remember them :)

Were there any small moments in your week that caused you to stop and enjoy them!? Share in the comments! 

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  1. That is awesome you have the space for family to come and stay. Date nights are always so fun!

  2. Ah, boxes. Hours of fun!
    Your date with your husband sounds lovely - I need one of those with mine soon, I think.
    Have a super family-filled weekend xx

  3. babysitting in exchange? it all makes sense now :)
    My kittie loves boxes too, brave Milla for exploring!

  4. Boxes are great - we had a dishwasher box that lasted a good six months of playtime fun last year! Cool that you have room to fit your family in (and their kitchen sink!)! Happy weekend to you xx


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