Monday, August 27, 2012

Thank You Z, Plunket and LLL and Church

Last week I found myself at my local Z Energy petrol station nibbling on a cupcake and cup of coffee listening to the owner tell me how it was one of the best days of his life.

I was there because Z Energy were donating my local Plunket (of which I am on the committee, hence being there) a $1250 grant.

The owner, who owns about 8 stations in Christchurch (if my memory serves me well) said handing over those cheques is one of the greatest things he's done.

Each new Z station are giving away $5000 to projects and charities in their areas.

If you filled up at Z Woolston and put a chip in our Plunket container thank you.

As a new Mum I have found support to be absolutely vital and there were a few community groups who have provided that support.

My church has always offered love and support and after the birth of our baby that came in the form of visits and 3 weeks of meals, organised by some of my closest friends. Since then we've been attending and volunteering at Toddlerock, which myself and Milla absolutely love! Its so much fun going and socialising with lots of other babes and Mums and getting our dance on!

My experience with Plunket has been nothing short of brilliant. My Plunket nurse, Jackie, is a total star and completely loveable, she came to my home when I wasn't able to make it out and always made me feel so relaxed and taken care of. She rooted for me and encouraged me to take on the health care system which led to my surgery, and has continued to be excited about Milla and our family. Plunket also provided a free Pepe course to attend where I made some great friends who I still see on a weekly basis.

Although I'm not a member, I follow the La Leche League on facebook and have found their posts to be incredibly encouraging. I have never needed to ask a question of them but over the last year have thoroughly enjoyed reading other peoples questions and responses / experiences. I love that for LLL breastfeeding is completely normal.


  1. Totally unrelated but I LOVE your red coat! Looks fab on you Soph :)

  2. Doh Milla lost a shoe! That is so inspiring! Go local community support!

  3. First of all love your coat, you really suit that colour (random comment I know!)
    Secondly love plunket - I have collected for their annual appeal and like you had great support from them.
    Church friends, coffee group and family all helped me lots after the birth of my 2 kidlets and my MIL was heavily involved in LLL back in the day and I had invaluable help from her with breastfeeding... It's so true that it takes a village to raise a child aye?
    x Jen


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