Monday, August 6, 2012

Dear Baby - 11 Month Update

My baby girl, climbing, "walking", doing almost whatever she pleases. Soon I'm not going to be able to call you baby anymore. There has to be a line somewhere doesn't there? I'm thinking we might be reaching it honey. 

We sit in the "baby zone" at Toddlerock and its clearly obvious you shouldn't be there anymore.


This month gone by she suddenly exploded with words, being particularly quiet up until now, one weekend it was all "Mamama, Dadada, Bubub" and it hasn't stopped since! I'm quietly chuffed inside, and very proud of my Milla who finally found her voice. 

Milla: "Mumumum"
Me: "Can you say Mum?"
Milla: "Mumumum"
Me: "Who's your favourite?"
Milla: "Dadadad"


She also rawrrs like a lion. Its true.

Milla randomly learnt to point, and can now follow a line of pointing (like, "look over there" *Mum points* *Milla looks*).

One Wednesday afternoon I showed her a xylophone and one of those bopping toys that spins the balls inside when you push it down. "look, like this" said Mum. *Milla stares*. "Oh well, too advanced I guess".

The next day Milla crawls down to her room where I can hear a xylophone being tapped with the plastic stick and then a series of bops on her toy, followed by happy laughter. My girl. She got it! Remembering and putting something into action from the day before, freakin amazing!?!?

She blows my mind again. I'm always reminded that I am her teacher, she follows what I do and learns from me.

Milla loves to hold things in her hands, mostly pegs and her socks which she has pulled off her feet, or stray balls of wool. She will carry as many things as she can around, purely for the joy of holding them.

She's still not walking, but everyday is getting better at what she does do. She now walks around all our furniture with only one hand on, the other hand goes up in the air, much like a ballet move.

Infact, I know she doesn't need to 'lean' against anything. I've caught her many times standing perfectly fine all by her self without realising (I think she thinks shes leaning on the couch, but she's not). Its incredible frustrating for me if I'll be honest. I really thought she would be walking by 9 months, she developed so quickly to begin with, I had everyone telling me "shes just going to get up and walk any second now" so I didn't push it, I let it happen, and now I feel like its been happening for too long. I'm trying to stay patient and remind myself that she is only 11 months old for goodness sake.

Milla loves to pass things to us and then wait for them to come back, if it takes too long there will be tears, but its pretty sweet to see her hand outstretch with a sock, all for Mum!

She has quite good co-ordination, and can pass us something even when we move our hands to receive it in a strange way: down low, up high, she knows she needs to put it in our hands.

Dearest Baby Girl,

Know that out of everything, I love you.


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  1. such a cute little blessing Sophie... I am sure she is a handful with her naughty smile :-) I pray that she is a blessing to many just like you...

  2. What a sweet update! My son always used to carry around objects as a wee boy and at three he still does - it's a constant source of amusement as he also sleeps with these objects. They always change and have ranged from toys, to books, to chux cloths (clean), to lunch boxes and more.

    I think your 'Dear Baby' updates are such a nice way to remember the precious little moments.

    1. Thank you for stopping by with such sweet words!

      Your little boy sounds awesome! Random object holders are obviously the best ;)


  3. You're allowed to call her a baby until she's walking...and even then, she'll still be your baby :) Don't wish away these non-walking moments - enjoy it! - because when she's off, life as you know it will never be the same again! New walkers are so fun to watch though xx

  4. She is so gorgeous! She seems really clever too. She must be an absolute joy.

    Talia Christine

    1. Thanks Talia! You know, you have your own bundle of absolute joy!


  5. She is growing up to be such a little lady! I keep getting confused when I see her because I remember her as 'new baby milla' and she has just blossomed!

    1. I know! I have the opposite problem, I look at her baby milla photos and I'm like WHHHAAA??


  6. Milla is adorable! I love the little bear hat!! :)


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