Thursday, August 2, 2012

LOVE BOMB #2 - Jennifer

Jennifer is a wife, mother to a preschooler who is in and out of hospital. We were told she rarely gets any time to herself and would love a glass of wine.

With your help we sent Jennifer a sisterhood poem, Tiki Wine, 2x Wild Water family passes, 2x Hoyts tickets, $45 wagamama voucher, lucky break mag, stickers, handmade reversible bag, chocolate, crochet facecloth and soap, Kleenex tissues, gourmet soap, chocolate almonds, bath bomb, lotion, assorted coffee sachets and chocolate, mojo plunger coffee, kawaii book and pen set, fudge, marmite container, crochet flower brooch, handmade earrings, Aveeno sampler, torrent ebook, eat unlimited food hamper with 5 meals and soups (not photographed)

This was all sent free of charge thanks to Post Haste and was made possible because of each of you who gave something small to create something big. Thank you! x


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  1. Awesome. You know these are so fab, aye??
    So inspiring.


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