Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Inspired Kiwis

I do not underestimate the value that sport has in our society. I believe, absolutely, that sport should be a regular part in every persons life. Especially teenagers, and especially teenage girls, what physical activity alone can do for depression is enough of a reason to convince me that an establishment like the Olympic Games is a worthwhile investment.

Billions of dollars though it may cost, I don't think you can put a price on success and inspiration. To see those Kiwis on that podium and to hear your national anthem being played. Wow.

I just hope that in the last two weeks, at a midnight medal ceremony, there were hundred of little Kiwis all up way past their bed time, on the couch with their parents being completely and utterly inspired. 

Be the best. Try hard. Work. Succeed. Try again.

I hope those little Kiwis heard those words and felt that inspiration before they were sent off to their beds.

Fun Facts:
  • 2 Games ago (2004, age 15) my Sister and I made a promise to go to the Olympic Games together some time. 

  • My sister has been living in London for the last ages. She went to the Olympic Games (without me) (lots) and had a ball. She probably doesn't even remember that pact. But I do, Amy. I do.

  • Next Games my husband is going to be 30. Heeheehee.

  • I love the Olympics. 
  • Milla will be strongly encouraged (read: forced) to be involved in organised sports. She will be allowed up past her bedtime to watch kiwis compete in future games. She is welcome to use this blog post to banish any bedtimes in the future if I somehow forget this desire.
  • As a teenager I played basketball for my province, represented my island in high jump, tried canoe polo, underwater hockey, touch rugby, tennis, hockey and running.
What were your favourite events in the Olympic Games 2012? I love love love the high jump, but didn't get to see any this time around!!

Leave a comment and let me know!

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** I'm completely thrilled for Valerie coming home with a gold, but feeling very sad for her rival who has not bet her for two years and felt the need to stoop to doping, sad days for sport.

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  1. LOVED the Olympics and STOKED for Valerie - now how silly do those media meanies look?
    Should have supported her when she was the Silver Medalist. Silly people.
    Yay for the fact that cheaters never prosper.
    (new story on my blog about this - i am VERY media-savvy these days LOL)


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