Thursday, August 16, 2012

The White Has Begun!

I have started to piece these circles together already and am already 3 rows in (12 circles in each row)

I layed them all out randomly the other night to figure out the placement of each, only to discover that I had two the same! It was a fun game trying to find the circles other mate. Never fear, it has been replaced! Each circle unique.

I then had to pack them away, and Mr Moo came up with a brilliant idea to store the circles, I threaded them all onto a string of wool and have it hanging in my wardrobe, they are all in order for the way that I will be stitching them together to make sure theres an even coverage of colours.

Isn't My Moo brilliant?! Here he is with his idea!

Happy creating!




  1. That is a really crafty way of storing them!

  2. Your blanket is going to be awesome! Love how you're storing the circles.

  3. Mr's can come up with good ideas every now and again ::))
    LOVE all those crochet circles - looking forward to seeing this grow

  4. Clever! Mine take up our entire lounge. Can't wait to see it done!!

  5. Very clever! I had mine all bagged up in their rows and then numbered the bags. Good luck with getting all the white done. Cant wait to see it finished.


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