Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Millas First Birthday

Now that her birthday is only a month away I feel like I can start planning it! We aren't huge party makers, but I always like to do something special to mark celebrations.

For Millas first birthday we are having a teddy bears picnic with her closest friends and family. 

Its at our place, I really wanted an outdoor party so that was a happy compromise - its no park, we only have a little yard with mostly dead and weedy grass, but its better than having to rearrange on the day. Shh but I'm a bit of a stresser and worrier. Best to avoid that completely! If its raining we will just have a little hang out at our place in doors :)

These are the invites, there are a whole lot of versions, you can see more of them on my Facebook page, and see my inspiration board on Pinterest!

Do you have any children's party ethics? Only celebrate every few years? Only family? Leave a comment and let me know how your family deals!

Millas "friend" Baby shower
Millas "family" Baby shower


  1. so sweet, i love the Teddy picnic idea :-)i hope you all have a lovely sunny day... love to the little princess :D

  2. First birthdays are a special milestone - for babies AND parents! We used Tiny's as a way to celebrate and thank all the people who'd been so supportive and influential during that first year.
    Fun fun - such a great theme!

    1. I think so too! We'll definitely be incorporating a thank you some how! Eek, I have so many ideas and haven't started on any of them!


  3. We have it so the amount of friends is the childs age- 1 friend for 1st birthday, 2 for second etc. but always family invited! Hope the sun shines for you!!


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