Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Vlog

On Friday I spent the whole day trying to get a smile out of Camilla. Somehow, seeing her smile lets me know that everything is okay. Well, she didn't smile, which led me to believe that she spent the whole day being grumpy. Not so. Cue Graeme getting home at 5pm and her face lit up into the biggest smile ever! She had been saving them all for him. Tricky little girl!

That pretty much set the scene for the whole weekend, she was Daddy's little girl. He spent the whole weekend having little coo'ing conversations with her while we picnicked, enjoyed sunshine and the company of great friends.

Here's a little video of us tonight.

Post Script - That may or may not be Harry Potter starting in the background...

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  1. Just beautiful ... what a lovely age .... they are just starting to respond and it is so nice.


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