Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bath Time!

I shared these photos on Facebook yesterday and wanted to share them here. Seriously, isn't she sooo cute?! Ah! I just want to wake her up and cuddle her when I look at these photos!!

This week we have been intentionally working on Camillas routine and sleep habits. We're putting her down to sleep when she's getting drowsy and getting out of the habit of rocking her to sleep and we have installed a night time routine so she will start to learn that night and day are different (so I'm not still rocking her at 1am!!!)

At night I feed her, Graeme baths and dresses her and then we both read her a poem from the bible and pray for her. We pull her musical toy as we fix the sheets in her basinet and then kiss her goodnight. We've only been doing it a few nights now but it feels SO good already now that we have a 'plan of action' rather that just everything being so unknown. Issues tend to be mamoth when you don't know how to deal with them. Sleep time now seems so much more managable with a plan!

Thank you to everyones comments and tweets in the last week full of advice and encouragement :)



  1. You're totally right of course. Everything feels achievable when you have a plan, and if one plan isn't working, make another one, then another one then another one until you have a plan that works for you and your family.

  2. Yay for night time routines... I found it to be a life-saver once we instilled one also. Doesn't take them long to figure it out :-)!

  3. oh that sounds like a great plan! fingers crossed it works :) Will is slowly kicking into his plan which is feed, burp-he has plenty of gas! lil cuddle as he gets drousy, then into bed-which the wheat bag has gently warmed up. He seems to sleep anywhere as well-even if its noisey, which is great!

  4. Such a cutie, love the last photo.


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