Monday, October 31, 2011


Finally, Blogtober has come to a close.

I kind of dropped the ball there towards the end in real life and it reflected through my blogging. I'm blaming my bout of pimples. Yup, the usual hormones are back, and so is my acne. Gut.ted. I miss my pregnancy skin.

Anyway. You may think I'm rambling about something unrelated but I'm really not. You see, acne comes back, Sophie feels bummed. Sophie feels tired. Sophie doesn't do the house work. House gets messy. Sophie gets more bummed. Sophie looses her eftpos card and Camillas Well Child book and drops her phone down the toilet. Sophie feels like she should be doing housework instead of blogging. Sophie doesn't blog. See? It's totally related.

Well, I have a new borrowed replacement phone (even though the one that died was a borrowed replacement). Today ASB called and said my eftpos card had been handed in, and I managed to track down Camillas Well-Child book (It was at A & E). I cleaned the house this weekend and nearly did everything on the "to clean" list (still the bathroom and duchess to go. Oh, and sorting out all my old clothes.) I also had my hair cut by the ever amazing Dawn (if you're in CHCH. Bargain!) And today I bought a new facewash and exfoliant for my dreadful skin.

So, just as Blogtober ends I manage to get my blogging mojo back. If you're here from Blogtober, what did you think?

Here's to a Happy November with lots happening - Guy Fawkes, my birthday, a weekend trip to Akaroa, A bloggy meet up (my first!! Eeee! Nerves!) and preparation for a big Stitch Africa sale!



  1. Great post. Can totally relate ...... keep on blogging

  2. I think you did an AWESOME job blogging as much as you did! My post frequency went WAY down for a couple of months after Wee Man was born!
    And don't worry, we don't bite... honest ;-)

  3. Oh I can so feel that post! Liffe aye - it gets busy and messy and usually both at once. Looking forward to meeting you too. The first meet up always feels a bit nerve-wracking and then you just feel like an old hand after that.


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