Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear Baby and 8 Week Update

Camilla has grown in leaps and bounds in the last 4 weeks.

6 weeks really was the magic number as everyone had told me about. It was as if she was a whole different baby when she hit that milestone (some professionals refer to the first 6 weeks of their lives at the "4th trimester" and I totally agree). Every book, DVD and website will refer to "Surviving" until the six week point. Well, we made it! Once that hit she learnt to fall asleep on her own, smile, coo, be super baby at tummy time and stopped fitting her 'newborn 0000' clothes. She is so full of personality now and everyday seems to present something new. I really can't believe she has been in our lives for 2 months already. The weeks have flashed by! I feel as if spend my whole day communicating in 'baby talk' and trying to make her smile or coo - I'm so looking forward to hearing her giggle! She's such a sweet wee girl.

She's getting her [6 week] immunisations tomorrow (I know, we're a bit late). We decided to go for it because thats what felt best inside which is generally how I make most decisions. I'll be honest, I don't even know what they are immunising against so I don't know anything about them. I know a few of my readers aren't vax'ers so feel free to tell me about it.

She had a really big case of hormone spots which are apparently because of the hormones during labour. I wonder if she had a big case of them because my labour was so quick and full on?

Last update I mentioned that Camilla's Jaundice had completely gone, well, it hadn't. We have had a blood test done to see what's up with her liver and are waiting for the results. She also has a bit of reflux which I will be mentioning to the doctor tomorrow. I don't think its severe at all, but occasionally it really bothers her, and that bothers me.

We've given her a dummy which I always told myself I would never do, but as soon as we put it in her mouth for the first time and she sucked it back it was like pure relief.

This month Camilla has been learning to sleep and I think she is doing so well at it! She has regular naps throughout the day and is becoming predictable. I think I'm learning to read her tired signs better and giving her the opportunity to fall asleep by herself. I'm very thankful to all of my lovely Mama blog readers who gave me so many pearls of wisdom towards her sleep schedule and I think I may do a separate post about this later on in the week.

People ask me if I like being a mum and I wonder if they are just seeking reassurance that parenthood is a blessing. It definitely is. I feel so richly blessed with all the good that is in my life. Camilla is a joy to the both of us and we are so thankful for her.

Dearest Camilla,

You are growing up so quickly! You are such a smiley happy little girl with the biggest gummy grin I have ever seen! I love early morning smiles and cuddles with you when you are so content after a big sleep. I spend most of my days trying to entertain you and see you smile. Mostly I just need to know that in your short life you have had thrilling moments of joy and knowing you are happy ultimately brings me the most joy. Your real baby tears break my heart.

You love to stare at our series of black and white paintings of Jesus in our lounge and when you go to church you stare at the big writing on the wall. You are transfixed and can't take your eyes off them!

Your Dad is trying to teach you to poke your tongue out and you smile at him whenever he tries. Some times you actually do it as if you know what you're doing.

You are growing and turning into such a little lady, I'm so proud of you. I think you are just the sweetest, strongest little babe there ever was and I am trying to savour every day because they go by far too quickly.

I hope you are happy, little one, and I hope I am doing a good job of being your Mama. I really love you.

Peace and love always, x


  1. oh what a lil honey!! Glad everything is going well. Will had his shots on saturday-i still dont know what they were for! I took hubby along for support, but it was a simple easy visit-he didnt cry much at all. There are some side effects though. Will is not drinking as much, but it only lasts a few days.
    Its great reading your posts and seeing our babies grow together!

  2. 8 weeks ALREADY - that really has whizzed by!

    What a wee sweetie!

  3. seriously. go the dummy. don't feel bad - baby's are little suckers and dummies are SO handy!! esp for helping drop feed habits in the middle of the night!

    and good luck on opening up the vax/non vax debate...

  4. What a little darling she is. Good luck with the vaccination debate, we decided to delay and give Luke some when he's 1 year old. And then we'll be giving single doses, no combinations. I recommend reading the Truth About Vaccines by Dr. Halvorsen (a UK GP) it's very insightful.


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