Thursday, October 20, 2011

You're, Whats It Called? Shoe Revelio

Specialis Revelio

If you're following me along with Blogtober you may have been wondering where I was yesterday (or not.)? Well, I spent every single nap minute in our spare bedroom turned office turned sewing room.

I whipped up these babies amongst much fury at my geriatric sewing machine. If I work it too hard it gives up and does all these loose stitches, so I turn it off, give it a break, and then it works fine again (until..) By the end I was over it and just finished them off, so you can see the sole is so rough and the stitching is coming apart. But, not bad for a first attempt. 

Next time I'll do it well, promise. 

Cute huh?

When we were tucked up in bed hubby said "You're good at all that"

"All what?"

"You know, sewing, knitting, stuff. What do you call that?"

"Crafty stuff?"


Holy Heck - biggest compliment the husband has ever paid me. It's still making me grin.

Seriously, whats wrong with my machine (or me?)?


  1. Nope its the machine. My mums got the same kind..overwork it and you get tangled threads etc. You have to give those oldies a rest haha.

  2. Oh they are cute!!! I used to own an old sewing machine too, and it also required regular rests! Sometimes it's just to go and make yourself a cup of tea!! =P

  3. Ooohhhhh, my goodness, those little shoes are gorgeous! Have you taken your machine for a service? Sometimes they need some extra love and care. Also, the best advice I was given is that if the top thread is misbehaving, check the bobbin and if the bobbin thread is misbehaving, check the top spool.

    Your hubby sounds like a keeper!

  4. The shoes are sooo cute! And I fully agree with all the advice up above. You could possibly keep an eye out on TM for a nice cheap good machine?

    I'm keen for some blog advice some day too. Maybe tomorrow night I'll pick your brains. Muhahhahaha.

  5. Ohhhh sweet Sophie - you clever, clever thing!

  6. Those shoes are so cute ,,,, I love the colour - gorgeous.


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