Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Love Affair With Christchurch

Although the ground may shake, blooming bulbs spring forth from the ground. I love the new growth and the changing seasons, often four in a day. No one else understands the power of a 'nor wester' or 'snow on the hills'.

I love a frosty morning where icicles shape the blades of grass and warm breath turns to steam. Bleary eyed Cantabrians are awakened and their senses tingle.

This is my home where my family 'made it'. Homes were bought, businesses started and high schoolers graduated in my family. 'A better life' was on offer here. This is where I made my friends, found my Church and grew. This is my home where I met my husband, had our first child and started to build a life together. This is my home where I see myself living for the next many years, taking photos in Hagley Park, eating ice-creams in The Square and having a Dimitri's souvlaki down Cashel Street (hopefully).

The dust and rubble reminds me of the strength of our city, not its weakness, and I look forward to the future with hope.


  1. A great post Sophie. I think that everyone in Christchurch needs to remind themselves at the moment of why we love this place. Good on you!

  2. Just found your blog. Yay for Christchurch bloggers! :-)


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