Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moby Wrap

Thanks to my wonderful Sissy I am the proud owner of a Moby Wrap!

I heard about the brand from a friend and after seeing it in action I was sold! I wanted one!

I've only had mine for a week now and been out on 2 shopping excursions but let me tell you its already paid for itself (not that I paid for it (thanks Sissy)). I chose the pacific colour and its a bit darker than I was expecting but still a lovely shade. It was shipped from America and came with a full instruction booklet on safety and the different wrapping positions. The Moby can be changed as your baby grows! In this photo I have Camilla nestled in the newborn position. She is so comfy and snug in there and loved it instantly. When we arrived at the mall she was crying and as soon as I put her in the wrap she was asleep! It must be really lovely for them being all snug up against our chest, hearing our heartbeat and feeling our voices vibrate. 

While I have the babe in the wrap I cant help but feel overwhelmed with the love drug, oxytocin. So really its just as lovely for me to have her wrapped up. Let me tell you, oxytocin is real people. 

Also, because you can only see her little head sticking out the top you get so many 'ooohss' and 'awwwwhs' from strangers as they pass by. Everyone loves a baby. 

The Moby has also been admired by 3 new mums in the last week (one was carrying her bubba, the other two had prams) who each stopped to ask me what the name of the wrap was, if it was comfortable and where they could get it.

Well, its a Moby Wrap, it is super comfortable (but it does cover up your whole top half so fashion goes out of the window) (and it keeps you really warm), and you can get one from this website

Your welcome.

Moby didn't ask me to write this review (I wish), I'm telling you all of this because I love it.


  1. Hey Sophie! I just found your blog because you commented on mine and now I'm your newest follower :) Your little Camilla looks so cute and I can't wait to hear more about her and your life as a mum. Thanks for reading my blog xx

  2. LOVE my moby too. They often come up 2nd hand, barely used on trade-me so we picked up ours for a steal. Although now missy-mupps is getting REALLY heavy I tend to use the Manduca more as its a bit more supportive/carries more weight on the hips. But I miss the snuggly-ness of the moby! Daisy spent a LOT of time in ours during her 1st year (even went thru a couple of weeks stage where she wouldn't sleep anywhere else during the day - I got real fit in that time - all that walking!) Heres to a ton more hands-free activities for you and Camilla!

  3. I just got a Moby to carry my newborn son - and get my hands back! Remembered reading your thoughts on the Moby so it helped me choose which wrap/sling to get. Thanks :)

  4. Yay! I'm glad to hear that you love yours! It was one of the first things I bought for my bubs when I found out! 6 months to go til I can use it!! :D


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