Monday, October 17, 2011

Wise Woman

I have been discharged from my midwifes care for over a week now and she has been missed. 

Janine from Midwives on Barrington, Christchurch

What a wonderful woman.

If you are in Christchurch and in need of a midwife, mine comes highly recommended by me. She is so full of love and passion and you can tell that she finds real joy in her profession. Everything she does is with the utmost care and precision. She was fantastic at my home birth and I really couldn't have wished for better care. (Full midwifery care is provided free of charge by the NZ government to NZ citizens)

If you have a good one, its very easy to get attached to them after forming a bond over a 9 month period - a few of those months you see each other every single week. Some times I saw her more often than my own friends. After the birth she came to my home every single day for a few weeks, then a few times a week and finally it slowed down to every week until I was discharged. 

It almost makes me wish I was pregnant so I could see her again. But no. Not yet. I hope we both stay in Christchurch so she can be at my future labours. 

^^ Look how huge that newborn nappy looks on Camilla!! She doesn't even fit them now!! My little baby is growing into a big girl!


  1. Aw, I met Janine a couple of time after Wee Man's birth- she is lovely as are all of the midwives from Midwives on Barrington that I met!

    I had Claire from Midwives on Barrington who was also an absolute STAR. I keep meaning to see if I can drop in and see her one of these days and show her my wee man 10 months on, she was such an important part of our life for almost a year and Rascal adored her!

  2. I love that photo of C with her feet poking out! so cute!

  3. Hi sophie, Thanks for popping by my little blog. I drew the winner yesterday & have just discovered a new load of comments :( Sorry you missed out! Your little pair of feet popping out of the scales are just SO cute. Hope all is going well for you & bubs? xxx Angela

  4. Hey Sophie Slim, thanks so much for the most lovely comment ever!!! And your blog, I love it. It is so hard saying goodbye to your midwife - I was devastated letting mine go but then my Plunket nurse popped into my life and she was another ray of sunshine. Unfortunately sometimes to get midwives back, you have to have another baby. This details a lot of work though and is best left for as long as possible.................... Lots of love, Kate (from greedy for colour) xxooxxooxx.

  5. I'm so jealous of the system in NZ - homebirths and private midwives are costly here in Australia! I'm glad you had a lovely experience - good midwives are worth their weight in gold!


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