Tuesday, October 18, 2011

She Couldn't Cook Baked Beans!

Graeme will deny it, but when we very first got together he [lied] told me he could cook. I know he said it, because I remember telling one of my best friends "AND! HE CAN COOK!!" Seriously, I thought I had hit the jackpot, especially because I couldn't even string a stir fry together.

Months went by and I never saw any of this cooking talent he apparently possessed. One night while we were hanging out at his flat and after eating months of take out I asked him why he had never cooked for me. Well, it turns out he -couldn't- cook. WHAT!?? That night he made me packet mac n cheese in the microwave while I cried. What had I gotten myself into?

After we married and I moved in with him I was faced with the reality of running a home. We needed to eat. I was forced to learn my way around a kitchen or else we would be going hungry. One of the first meals I made was a lasagne for 8 people. I forgot to add the sauce. Disaster.

Years later I feel reasonably confident in the kitchen and cook dinner most nights - unless we have the occasional take out or go to someones for dinner. I know. I have come a long way. Graeme, however, has not. His time in the kitchen is still limited (or non existant).

One of our chef (and all-round awesome) friends came over a few weeks ago with bags of ingredients and took Graeme into the kitchen while I sat on the couch. It was a first and it. was. bliss. Is that what Heaven will be like??! Sign me up!

He taught Graeme about cutting onions, pasta portions, cookings times, the works! I dont know how much of it Graeme has remembered (perhaps I need to let him loose again to refresh his memory) but that night I felt like the luckiest lady around.

I'm thankful for good [talented and willing] friends who think about others, and for my husband to be willing to step into un-mastered territory.


  1. Crack up! It would be rad if Graeme finds out how creative he can be in the kitchen and turns into an amazing chef, finding his niche - you'll never have to cook again! Heaven!

    I usually do dinner but my man can cook. Unfortunately he isn't too extreme with tying something different...

  2. What a lovely thing for your friend to do!

    My hubs would like to cook more but I tend to ban him from the kitchen after a couple of disasters! I quite enjoy cooking, but like you said, having a break is lovely. Let us know how he goes with his new skillz ;)

  3. Jamie Olivers 'Ministry of Food' is how I learnt how to cook good.

    I am so proud of you with your cooking, I remember when you would only eat garlic bread rolls!!

  4. Lucky you!! I need to learn to cook, or though I tell people I can!!
    Thanks for your wonderfull comment on my blog yesterday! It like actually made my day!
    Hope you are having a good week!!

  5. I bet he can cook, but just stayed away so you would have to jump in and learn and develop your skills.


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