Tuesday, December 27, 2011


A term coined by my Sister In-Law (as least I'm sure its not a real word. Actually?), this years Christmas was Celubuliant. Full of celebrations and jubilance! Wonderful!

Our little family made the trip to the sunny and beautiful Westcoast to join up with our big family. It was so wonderful to have everyone together. Just seriously missing our big sister who lives in London and also our Dad, who we celebrated with the week before.

The sun was shining without a cloud in the sky and everyone was in good spirits. I'm super thankful for the presents under the tree and how freakin' blessed we are to have a food coma later in the afternoon.

I hope your Christmas was merry and joyful, and for those in Christchurch I hope you had a wee break and received some peace from the quakes. I was there on Friday and was extremely glad to be leaving the following day.

I am in holiday mode. Its been fabulous to have Graeme around with Camilla in good spirits. I'm pretty sure those two are bonding like a raspberry and cream... or like... a beer and a cold glass. And I'm loving having no agenda with Graeme. We can talk about absolutely nothing and there are no to do lists. Bliss. Life is slower, the sun is shining, and my love cup is over flowing.

Camilla was mega spoilt by everyone on her first Christmas - poor girl wont even remember! She has been given soo many toys and outfits and love. Lucky duck.

Seriously. Ah. I can't get enough. It's paradise over here. Come and join us :)

Love & Peace,

P.s - to my Christian parent readers - how to do you handle the Jesus / Santa Christmas celebration deal? I've heard some good ideas including a birthday cake for Jesus, reading the Christmas story before present time etc. What are some of your strategies or traditions?


  1. Dave and I were talking about the Jesus/Santa deal too. I grew up non-christian so Santa was the norm but Dave was always told Santa was a story and how different cultures adapted the story of St Nick. They read the Nativity story and made a big deal about giving presents rather than receiving them. Very cool.

  2. Gorgeous photos. I'm not too worried by the santa thing but I won't lie to the boys about it so we have it but it's not a major focus or something we build Christmas around. I guess what counts is the stuff you do, the stories you tell and how familiar a character Jesus is for the rest of the year. That's where I'm at at this point. Those photos are wonderful!


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