Saturday, December 3, 2011

Counting The Blessings

Just before I read a status of a friend of a friend on Facebook. It was short and to the point. She has cancer and has about a month left to live. She has a family and is planning to renew her marriage vows at the end of the month to celebrate their life and love.

What an appreciation for life.

With an eternal perspective everything changes. The small day to day trivia is no longer relevant, a "must do by 30" (or whatever) list probably doesn't matter any more. I have never had a life threatening illness but I presume in the last weeks the only things that matter is family and friends and a whole lotta love. 

I have questioned my life this year and had it flash before my eyes while alone in a voilent earthquake. The only things I thought of was my husband, baby and My Maker. 

I guess day to day we can't live in this perspective constantly. Its really inward focussed and doesn't pay the bills...

But it does pay to daily count your blessings and remember whats important during your day. 

My Saturday is almost over and it has been wonderful. I have joyfully cleaned, cooked and looked after our family. Everyday stuff, but with a smile and a glad heart. I also enjoyed a lunch time picnic under beautiful trees with 2 babies, a toddler and good friends. My life is short and one day it will end here on earth and continue elsewhere. For now, while I have My Loves around me I am enjoying what I have been gifted.

Isn't it wonderful?

My heart goes out to my friends friend. I'm sure there are many people around the world coming to terms with the same situation. Life is precious.

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  1. A beautiful post, thank you for sharing those thoughts. I lost a friend and person who I cared (as a carer) for in April this year to MND. She was 49 years old. .... I came to realise at the end of her life that the only thing that mattered was making the most of every moment. You come to realise what is truly important and it does make you grateful for what you have.


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