Saturday, November 19, 2011

Poo and Smoke

Last night before the blog party we had to quickly take Camilla to the doctor. She hadn't had a bowel movement in 17 days. I know. This made me realise how conflicting advice is. Most people weren't concerned "anywhere up to 10 days is normal". Ten days passed "She'll definitely be going today". She didn't. "Give her diluted prune juice" "Give her dissolved brown sugar" "Don't give her anything but breastmilk"

We went to see our doctor who disagreed with everything above, and said anything over 4 days would be a concern and would have a reason for it. Most probably a teeny tiny little crack that makes them hold on. Which is what she had.

Most importantly though, she didn't seem to mind. She wasn't upset so there wasn't a huge cause for concern. If anything, she's been a great little baby these last few weeks. The Doc loaded us up with different things to try over the weekend, and after our first attempt before going out last we had a huge success. 18 days worth of success. I ended up having a shower with Camilla early this morning to rinse her off. It stunk, but boy was it a breath of fresh air. Relief!


On a completely unrelated note, I notice the sky turn orange earlier, I looked up and it was filled with smoke! An old house opposite the Marae on Ferry Road was burning down.

Edit: Photo added:

It was a beautiful [condemned] 2 story historic home with a huge porch. I often admired it, wishing I could restore it.

thanks Graeme for the iphone photo :)


  1. I hate fires!! Hope nobody as hurt! Glad that everything is ok now,

  2. Until starting solids M pooed every two weeks on a Tuesday.


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