Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bloggy Party!

I met up with 10 Christchurch bloggers last night at Miriams house for a Secret Santa party! Let me tell you, I was crazy nervous, but even more excited! I have been following all these ladies for months and months, its nice to finally meet them and put a face and voice to their text on screen! Funny how you create your own expectations of people, many of them blew those out of the water (in a great way!).

The evening was filled with delicious baking, fun crafted presents and lots of laughter!

Again, I really honestly couldn't believe how lovely everyone was. I guess I wouldn't bother reading their blogs if they weren't lovely.

We were supposed to trade a handmade / baked / opshopped gift and I mega failed on this. I was supposed to make for Max and I had all these plans and dreams which I left until the last minute, then I had to take Camilla to the doctors and that stuffed up all my plans so I had to do a quick dash to the supermarket on my way to the party, excuses excuses. Either way, the gift I gave was crap compared to what I received. Guilt much!?

Miriam was my Secret Santa and she gave me a great book on eating for kids, a goodnight story book for Camilla, pretty pretty story pages about birdies loving their Mamas that I'm going to put on the wall in Millas bedroom, a personalised singlet and for me, pretty pretty crane earrings that I had previously admired elsewhere in the blogland!

Big thankyous to Juliet for organising everything and for the party photos!!


  1. Oh that looks like such fun. Next year I may have to organise a Wellington Blog Party.

    I am also glad you've had progress on the Poo front. I used to freak out after 2 days, but that's cos he was such a regular little dude... not so much now.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Poor wee girl, hope she feels better soon!
    was lots of fun, great to meet you at last, and
    ps i disagree, chocolate and a good mag is an EXCELLENT present, thanks so much x

  3. Christchurch bloggers rock!
    Sounds like it was such a wonderful evening xxx

  4. So glad you had a good night. It was lovely to meet you. I really enjoyed putting your gift together but then of course the worry kicks in that I hadn't a clue what your 'real' taste was!!! look forward to the next meet up and so glad little lady has had some 'relief'.

  5. Hey hey - it was nice to met you too. Re: crane earrings - I was thinking it was maaaybe Lil Magoolie?? Shame about the house on Ferry Rd - its sad to see so many favourite old houses disappearing around the place lately.


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