Thursday, November 24, 2011

Creative Driftwood

When I came back from this holiday I stopped off at this beach and found THE most PERFECT driftwood I have ever seen in my liiiiife.

Its small, perfectly smooth and shaped and best of all it goes for miles along the beach. 

I brought some home, along with a few perfect stones. I bought some brooch backs from spotlight and turned them all into brooches. Some I wrapped in embroidery floss, others I painted and the rest I left al-natural.

The moral of this story is now I have too many stick brooches.

This is my attempt at a garden. Apartment life huh? Over crowding much?

Oh! E! And this is my first time linking up with Creative Spaces. Head there for more crafty happenings!


  1. Lovely colours - you could always sell them on Felt?

  2. Those brooches are awesome! I love that beach too!

  3. They are lovely! What a clever idea! xo

  4. Gorgeous! I don't think you could ever have too many stick brooches. Especially as beautiful as yours are. Oh and I've been attempting a balcony garden too and was horrified to find out that some pesky bug has been munching on my peas, chillies and capsicums. Eep! Trying to find a nice way to get rid of them.

  5. These look great! I'm not so good on gardening but luckily we inherited someone else's hard work.

  6. Were you wearing one of these on Friday night? I remember noticing it. Great idea.

  7. Love the garden ..... that's about my effort .... pots. The house I rent doesn't have much garden, so pots will be the way to go. I love the stick broaches ... love the colours.

  8. Oh I just love your stick pins! There's no such thing as too many! They're wonderful :)


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