Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Millas Fairy Tea Party

A few weeks ago we invited one of Milla's best friends around for a Fairy Tea Party. 

Her friend is newly fairy mad, and passes her days sprinkling glitter around her garden. I thought it would be cool if we gave them a little taste of some fairy magic, so together her Mum and I arranged a special party just for them.

Milla was SO excited for this party! 

The night before I set up her fairy tent in the lounge with fairy lights, a bright quilt, and I hung tulle from the ceiling to cover the entrance way. When her little friend walked in she was so amazed and excited, which instantly made it worth it!

The girls quickly tested our their flying skills on the trampoline. Kenzie said "I'm going to fly to Australia!" as only a 3 year old can say so adorably. 

After flying practice we sat down for some morning tea that was delivered by the fairies. The girls poured themselves some warm raspberry 'tea' and drank from pretty china tea cups, and Amanda made a beautiful morning tea for them - marshmallow sprinkles, melon star wands, toadstool cupcakes. It was delicious!

I think they got a big thrill out of drinking from big tea cups with a real tea pot <3 p="">

After morning tea we layed out some wand making supplies and with a little supervision the girls decorated their own wands.

To finish it off, Amanda surprised the girls with a wee bag that the fairies had gifted them. Inside were some fairy stones, some fairy dust and fairy stickers.

We sprinkled the fairy dust around our garden and put the stones in the lavender pot.

It was such a great morning and a really easy no-fuss party to throw for the girls! We organised it in a matter of days, and our girls were so surprised and in awe throughout the morning it was truly magical (for them, and us!)

Most of all, I loved that we were able to celebrate a new stage and expand on something one of the children was really into at the time. As I parent, I hope I can continue to be deliberate and creative in following my kids interests. 

I'm glad for good friends to share these experiences with!

Thanks for coming to play at our place! 

Love, Sophie & Milla x

(and if you're wondering, Katie the little sister was on a special daddy date during all of this!)

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