Wednesday, November 18, 2015

27 Birthday

This years birthday is perhaps my best ever!

It started a week out, with what I like to call "birthday week". Usually this is only a ceremonial title, but this year was marked by aiming to do three things each day that built me up body and soul. I'd had a rough few weeks with sickness and stress, so I wanted to take care of my self.

The three things I aimed to do each day were:
  • Read my bible
  • Exercise (walking to Kindy, or the 30 day shred workout video)
  • Sew
These are three things that I usually want to do daily, but some how they get bumped off the priority list fairly easily and end up being a rare occurrence. 

Prioritising them in to my daily activities changed my whole week! I had less time for other things, but they gave me fresh starts and energy to get through each day with strength! Each I found were just as important as the others, and I thoroughly enjoyed the change of pace in my life.

Imagine life if I continued in this fashion...

Throughout my birthday week I also:
  • Celebrated with friends. They put on a lovely lunch for me and I was treated to gifts, flowers and cake.
  • Received breakfast in bed and a surprise present from the hubby.
  • Danced for an hour to Taylor Swift with my 4 year old who has developed some awesome new dance moves!

  • Had a backyard full of friends come over for a BBQ 
  • Celebrated with a day off from work with the rest of Canterbury for our Anniversary and Show Day!
  • Worshiped in Church

  • Visited the beach: Played in play grounds, drank coffee, ate ice-creams and built sandcastles.
  • Visited my Sister who is here from London, and also had other family come to stay.
  • Celebrated with an extra day off (4 day weekend!) with the husband and went on adventures (a post on that soon)
It was a great, fulfilling week. And now that we are back to "regular life" I have lessons to be learnt to include my body and soul into my daily priorities also. 

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! It certainly was a very happy one :)


  1. So glad to hear you had a great birthday week Sophie, and are choosing to take more care of yourself in the future. It is not narcissistic to take care of yourself, and in doing so you can take better care of your family.

  2. Sounds like you celebrated WELL and that is a true achievement xxx

  3. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like a wonderful week - here's to a fulfilling year xx

  4. I found you through The Sisterhood when I did a google images search looking for photos for my Sisterhood Community. What a beautiful blog you have. Thank you.


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