Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Summer Road Trips 2016

The summer of 2016 - The greatest one yet!

This summer has been filled with family, friends, barbecues, treats, lots of kilometres on the speedo, togs, sandy bottoms and sunscreen.

Can it get any better?

We actually weren't planning on going any where this summer but made a little plan a few days out from New Years to go visiting around the South Island. 

We went to Westport, Mapua, and Akaroa (over 1000km) within 9 days, only spending a few days at each destination. Just enough time to settle in and see everything we wanted to see and spend time with each of the kids grandparents.

For some of our trip we were out of data or out of range, and truly this was the best part. We read books, played games (learnt backgammon!) and did cross words. It was so nice to see my husband relaxing while we were out of touch with the world.

The girls have three sets of wonderful Grandparents that they are truly blessed by. It was great to holiday with them at each destination and have some fun together.

So, those nine days really did feel like a whole summers worth of time. And now we're back to reality; Kindy drop offs and lunches made, meal plans and washing and all the fun stuff that comes with running a home and family.


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  1. What a wonderful time you and your family have had - we do live in such a beautiful country too!


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