Friday, April 22, 2016

Big Girl Bedroom

Katie got her very own big girl bed this week! 

The first night was a write off, both of us actually forgot that getting kids to sleep in a bed takes some prep work. We just sort of put her in bed, said good night and turned off the light. Well, obviously that didn't work! 

The following nights we have been going through the routine, making it exciting, and letting her have ownership over her new bed (choosing her duvet etc). The next (and last) two nights she has slept soundly and I'm hoping that will continue for years to come! 

We really do have great sleepers! We have been blessed! 

Its so nice to creep into their room and watch them sleep side by side. Two sisters, it's so precious!

We have been saving credit card points and spent them on matching bed frames for the kids! Its so nice to be able to buy new things for our children. I get a lot of joy out of it! Life must be getting easier, because a few years ago there is no way that would have been possible.

Our third bedroom was being used as a spare room / craft / computer office / storage space in our home. It had no carpet and the floor boards had gaps and were freezing. You could actually feel the draft coming up through the spaces in the boards. Anyways. Two years later, we finally thought to ask the landlord to carpet it. And he did! The carpet was done this week and we moved the two girls in that night. They love sharing a room, and I love having a spare room, so it works well for everyone. This room has slightly more space than their previous one so we can squeeze two beds in. Although there is little room for anything else! 

In the mean time, the contents of our spare / everything room was dumped on the lounge floor. Luckily our kids don't get "into" things and I am able to chip away at finding a home for it. I'm eyeing up a wardrobe so that all of this stuff can be behind closed doors! Ack. This is what real life looks like! 

I really do hate moving! Bring on the day where we can live in a house for 10 years and not worry about tenancy agreements and landlord inspections! 

I'm off to tidy! Have a great weekend! x


  1. Oh how wonderful to have two good sleepers and have them sharing a room. And how wonderful to have the landlord carpet the room for you!! Enjoy sorting the schtuff :-)

  2. Hi! :) It's Bonnie from church here. :) You have a neat blog... I'm enjoying poking around a little bit!
    Have a lovely day
    Bonnie (Bonnie's Blessings)

  3. So cute! Our boys share a room and I LOVE sneaking in to see them sleeping at night.

    1. Yes! They've been sharing since they were wee babies and we haven't regretted it for a second!


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