Thursday, June 30, 2016

Katie Turns Three

Sweet little Katie. Cheeky, mischievous, giggly, snugly, loud Katie. 

She turned 3 last week. Our little BIG girl! Who also started Kindy on the same day. There's too much growing up happening around here. 

Look at these Kindy girls!

We celebrated Katie's birthday with Kindy in the morning, a very little picnic in the botanic gardens with a few of her little friends, and a trip to the discovery room in the Museum next to the gardens. Followed by lots and lots of cake and candles. Katie blowing out candles is hilarious - she's too busy trying to sing "happy birthday" to herself at the same time!

Her Daddy surprised us at the gardens by turning up unexpectedly. He had tracked my phone to sneakily find out where we were and had taken the afternoon off work. What a (creepy) sweet thing to do!  Hehe. 

At three years old Katie loves:: Snuggling with soft blankets and fluffy toys. Animals. Anything "cute". Cheesy Dibbles (Twisties - the chip). Reading books with Dad. Ice cream. Minions. Her Big Sister. Bath time. My new scarf. Sleeping. Lots of Sleeping. 

Party hard Katie! xxx


  1. Happy Birthday to Katie- what a cutie! Laughed at the bit about dad stalking you for the picnic hehe

  2. Happy birthday, sweet Katie! It doesn't feel like that long ago that we were walking through Chch, and you just told me what the name of your currently-incubating baby was going to be: Katie! Time flies. xxx

  3. Happy 3rd birthday katie girl growing up fast with big sister to show you the way in life always loved by us all you are so cute and we love your wee face light up when we visit chch you will do well in life I'm sure love you lots nana and grandad Harry x o x

  4. What a wee sweetie - I hope you had a wonderful day and that your love of kindy continues.


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