Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lovely things

Today has been one of those rubbish days that I despise. From the moment I woke up it didn't go well.

I'm not one for ranting, but since I still haven't been able to shake these thoughts and feelings I thought I would surround myself with lovely things as the bible tells us to do.

The first is Taylor Swift and this pretty pretty head band. First of all, I LOVE Taylors hair, it's so beautiful. I would love for my hair to look that good. I bet it would cost me thousands. Secondly, I also adore her gorgeous head band in this. Cute!!

Another lovely thing is my gorgeous husband who is so patiently waiting for me while I am brooding in our room so he can take me on a picnic.

Have you heard the new craft craze is matchboxes! Don't they make the littlest loveliest gifts? You fill them with tiny things (buttons, ribbons, anything) and give them to others! Rachels a pro at them, and you should definitely check out her etsy shop! 

Ahh there we go, see? I'm feeling much better already! Now I should get ready for a special picnic date tonight!! <3

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