Thursday, September 23, 2010


The old Wordpress has gone, and the new has come! To celebrate, I've made a super fun back ground and header and am feeling very inspired to make this one better than ever!! Unfortunately I am not able to transfer my old posts over, so we are starting fresh. Feel free to check out my wordpress page though if you are new to me :)

My Dad returned from a 4 week trip to Africa this week, so today I was sporting my brand new Africa tights! Yes, they have dancing African people on them. They are absolutely crazy, and I love them to pieces.

Also, I picked up these cool (and uber cheap shoes) today from Kmart. Did you know that Kmart had such a massive selection of cheap shoes!? I'm so glad I discovered it, there's so many different styles I want now!


  1. I LOVE these tights! And kmart shoes are the bomb.
    Your blog is adorable!

  2. Thank yoooou! At first I thought my dad was crazy for buying them for me (crazy souvenirs!) but once I put them on I fell in love :)


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