Friday, March 25, 2011

Why I Love Your Daddy

Dearest Mini Moo,

It might be hard to believe when you're 15 and we are the ripe old age of 37 and 40 that we were once a hip young couple in love. (Perhaps the fact that I used the word 'hip' means I'm showing my age already). In the few full years I have known your Papa we have both changed so much. Your Daddy was a baggy jeans and ripped t-shirt wearing Youth Pastor skater boy and I was a purple tight wearing gig girl who liked loud punk music.

Can you believe that now?

Your Daddy has grown and changed into such a strong man I am proud to call my husband. He has a heart to always be meeting new people and his social agenda is a high priority. He gets on with people so well and can love and encourage them like no one I've ever met before. The first thing I ever remember him saying to me is "Man evangelism is cool". I laughed at him, but later on that night I was in awe at his amazing gift to connect with people.

Your Papa loves his gadgets too. I don't know how he does it, but if it has wires or a screen he will know how it works. People always ask him to look at their computers to fix them, or ask him for help with their tech problems. He has made our lives so much easier and fun with networking and calendars and whatnot. I would be stuffed without him! And my goodness is he talented. He can move, sing, play, act and remember everything! I love to hear your Papas voice and to hear his music.

Most of all, your Papa is the greatest husband and friend. He is loving and caring and is so much fun to be with. I love all of our dates and moments together. He is the best at cheering me up and we have so many inside jokes. I love your Daddy, and he loves me, and everyday I enjoy what we have and look forward to what tomorrow will bring.

Soon you will be our tomorrow and today and he will be the bestest Daddy. He loves to play with all of the kids at our Church. He skips with them and chases them and spins them around and soon he will be doing that with you!

We are looking forward to meeting you little one. We cant wait to see our family grow in love and fun! To the future!

Love, Mumma Moo x

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  1. Hey Sophie, we moved to Invercargill. We decided a fresh start was in order. It hasn't been the easiest week but I know it's going to get better and better!

    Take care!


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