Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Goals

To give my year purpose and a sense of drive and achievement...

~ 2013 Goals ~

Faith Life
  • Pray regularly with MrMoo and Milla Moo2. Whether at meal times or bedtimes, make it a usual part of the day when we are together.
  • Read and pray through the New Testament (260 chapters, 1 chapter a day). Previously I start in the Old Testament at the beginning of the year but never make it to the New. 

Family Life
  • Celebrate hard with our family. Seek out occasions to celebrate, have special meals and cakes together with special decorations. Mark special events, anniversaries, holidays, birthdays with a big celebration!
  • A weekly out of the ordinary routine date with Milla with Mum, Dad or both. Be prepared for this and plan ahead with ideas and set aside specific times to make it happen. 

Home Life
  • Create a happy, functioning home that is a safe space and refuge for us. Organise particular areas to make our lives easier and to keep junk and clutter at a minimum. Giveaway what we dont need and love what we do have. Embrace our rented home and make it feel like ours.
  • Explore my creativity by making one new item for our family each month (and master The Zip!). 
  • Create and stock an Emergency kit for our family. I'm appalled its taken over 2 and a half years to get around to something that is so essential to our lives in Christchurch. Time to man up and take responsibility for our family.

Financial Life
  • Get well on our way to a healthy deposit for owning our own home (hopefully before Milla is in school!). Pay off existing credit card and save decent portions specifically for a deposit. 
  • Open bank accounts for each of our children and deposit money into them.

Blog Life
  • Blog about more moments and less happenings.


  1. great goals, I can see that we share some too (I didn't put all of mine on my blog). Good luck Sophie, hope you have a wonderful year!

  2. Sounds like a great set of goals - achievable and not overwhelming :)

    You should open up a Kiwi Saver account for Milla (and #2) as she's entitled to the tax-free $1000 Kick-Start payment.

  3. we follow a lot of the same blogs so thought I'd check you out x

  4. Flamin' awesome :) I'd like to see you (I can see it happening one day) publish your own book on being a Stay at home Mum, shopping on a tight budget and managing everything, in general.

  5. Great set of goals, well thought out and achievable. I have had a savings account for E since he was born as overseas relatives quite often send money for his birthday and Christmas. He is always well taken care of so I have squirrelled this money away over the years. We have also always had an auto payment set-up for $5 per week initially (now this is up to $10), it's amazing how it adds up over the years! I have always used a separate bank for E's savings, then it's COMPLETELY out of sight out of mind.


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