Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas LOVE BOMBs

From October to mid-December The Sisterhood were organising themselves to surprise-LOVE BOMB some beautiful ladies just in time for Christmas! They didn't necessarily need these gifts, but we wanted to show that they were cared and thought about and to hopefully encourage each of them on their individual journeys.

Every woman is different as is each situation so we tried to use whatever information we could get about them to design their LOVE BOMBs just for them. Some needed some time alone or to relax, so we sent them magazines and wine, others needed some pampering so we sent them beauty products.

In November we decided to send their kids some gifts as well so with a few donations specifically for the kids we were able to put together some pretty awesome parcels! A few physical donations came in for these, but most of the kids parcels are made up using previous financial donations for specific gifts that we were told they would love!

We also ended up contributing some of the food items donated (not pictured) to a food hamper for a family in Christchurch. 

Each LOVE BOMB was sent wrapped in Christmas paper with beautiful handmade cards, an encouraging message and Sisterhood poem. 

Here is a photo bomb of our LOVE BOMBs! Thank you so much for being involved with The Sisterhood and for sticking with us! 

If you did anything to help this effort, my sincerest thanks! 

Special thanks to Post Haste Couriers for sending all of these gifts FREE of charge (and for sponsoring us for another 6 months!!)

The Sisterhood are currently in the midst of organising a national KINDNESS DAY on February 16th, 2013! Be part of it too!

Love, Sophie xxx

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  1. Wow. WOW. We did good. YOU did amazing! It still blows my mind about how COOL this all is xx


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