Saturday, March 8, 2014

I Can Hear You Roar - international women's day

I spent most of yesterday in a very raw, awe-filled state. I didn't know what or why, but for some reason the day felt sacred.

I spent most of it grateful, pondering the life that I have, thankful that I am -free- as a woman.

I sat with MrMoo during a precious date night, we waited for our pizza and I looked around. I thought to myself, 100 years ago this would seem so radical. Me wearing tight jeans, sitting at a bar with my husband, the kids at home. Next to us, a group of men and women laughing. Across from us, a pregnant lady waiting by herself.

 I sat and I thought, how lucky am I to have strong women go before me who campaigned for the rights I take for granted now.

Sometimes I do feel so unequal "stuck at home", without a wage, without a career.


My political opinion matters and counts, a career is available if I choose it, but staying at home is also acceptable (sometimes) to raise my children. I can sit in a bar as an equal.

I felt humbled and grateful for the forerunners of equality in the last century, and also for the millions of women who have gone before me and carried out their duties without complaint also.

I woke up this morning and discovered that it is was international women's day yesterday, so felt my experience yesterday was worth sharing here.

Happy women's day! :) I can hear you roar!

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