Saturday, March 8, 2014

Moo2 Fitness Update

(After flooding run. Gushing water and silt. Not pictured: the stench of poo)

It's been a month since I last mentioned my City To Surf training on here.

I've been avoiding you.

A few hours after telling you I was up to 8km and loving it and had hopes of keeping up with MrMoo I went and sprained my ankle.

I stepped off a trailer into a grass field at a friends wedding and rolled it and fell over. I had run 8km, danced to at the wedding, and well, it caved in pretty easily.

I didn't think it was bad, it hurt, but I continued to walk and (painfully) run on it in the following week until it swelled up after a few km exactly a week later. Doh. 

It took me a week to realise that my ankle WAS actually damaged. I kept thinking "stop making excuses Sophie, don't chicken out, it's all in your head" but apparently you can't use mind power to swell your ankle up.

So I've been to the physio 3 times since and have just started running again this week. I've had to start from scratch with my fitness, it only took a couple of weeks to loose everything I had built up (which wasn't much, really).

I am still determined as ever, I ran 7km today and hope to do 10 by next week. Then it's the city to surf the weekend after and I'm hoping adrenaline will carry me the extra 4km. Or hey, I can always walk what I can't run. 

I've lost all hope and expectation of keeping up with MrMoo. His big powerful man legs and lungs are no match for mine! 

But, I will still be crossing that finish line in 2 weeks! Yahoo! 

Can I also say that escaping the house after dinner and bed times to pound the pavement, listen to some angsty music, sweat, pray and witness sunsets is one of the best things I can be doing for myself right now. It's hard to prioritise, but I've come to realise that I need it, and hope to continue after race day.

Peace and love,
Sophie x


  1. I was entered into a team running event for charity in London when we lived there, and had to pull out because I did something to my achilles (old running shoes were to blame - lesson learned!). It sucked. So I can understand your frustration at being injured BUT am very happy for you that you're healed and can start back up with your training again :-) And even though it would be awesome, keeping up with Mr Moo isn't as important as crossing that line xx
    Prioritising time for YOU is vital...I'm just starting to feel I can do that again without upsetting my littlest one, and it's so nice. Yay for us! xxx

  2. Big Ouch for the ankle, and BIGGER HURRAH"s that you have re-started and are determined to reach your goal.

  3. Good for you for getting back on the wagon! I went on a 10k run around Ferrmead this morning and the stench was pretty bad, and the flooding damage was obvious. Mud everywhere and damaged items in front yards, so sad.

  4. Might see you at the finish line! I had a bruised heel that lost me a couple of weeks training, but fortunately that was earlier on in the peice and I've been able to catch up since.
    No shame in walking the odd bit - I'd suggest if it starts getting a bit hard near the end do the run 3-4 minutes then walk 1-2 minutes in intervals trick just to get yourself to the end.

  5. I'm sorry about your ankle!
    So glad it's better and you're out there getting back on track.
    I always go to the gym and use the treadmill, but don't really go out and jog in natural air. You make is sound so enjoyable. Must try.

  6. I had to stop running too, my problem was RSI coming back (been under control for 15 years or so). Holding my arms up as I do when I run caused it and it's not fully back under control now. Instead I'm going to get back on my bike in the meantime and try again later. Have fun on the CtoS; I'm now aiming at next year possibly for that one.


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