Thursday, April 3, 2014

I Did It!

Almost 2 weeks ago MrMoo and I ran the 14km City To Surf in Christchurch. 

We did it!!!

It seems like forever ago now, but was such a personal achievement for us both!

I'm so proud of the Mr for his running, he kicked my butt on the day and wasted my time, although I wish I could have kept up I knew I wouldn't have been able to. His man legs, lungs and heart were no match for mine!

Particularly I'm really proud of my training before the event. I recovered from a sprained ankle and fitted 8 weeks of training into a few before the race. I never postponed training because I was tired (which I was), but hit the pavement whenever I could. When MrMoo got really busy NannyMoo came over a few times to watch the girls so I could still squeeze In a run.

And boy, it was so good getting out of the house to sweat out some of the day. 

I don't weigh myself, but I'm pretty sure I lost a little weight in the process too, things began to fit a little better (although that seems to have all been reversed in the last few weeks haha)

So the day was a success, I confidently ran 14km with only a few light walks along the way for drink stops!!!!! HOORAH!!

Thank you for all your support along the way and for cheering me on from the (virtual or physical) sidelines (my big sis from London even made it to the sidelines!!) I've loved training along side you and my husband.

I'm actually glad it's over now so we can see each other an night time and not always be rushing out the door! Training is a huge commitment and was hard to squeeze into our lives. It kind if feels like I've hardly seen my husband for the last few months, one of us was always off running etc

I'd love to keep up the running, perhaps a little more leisurely and not at my husbands expense in the future.


  1. You're awesome! I'm so impressed that you didn't let your ankle injury stop you from getting back into the training when you could, and that you didn't let your tiredness become your mental wall. Woooooooo!! xxx

  2. Congratulations! I used to do a bit of running (crook knee now) so I know the feeling - and miss it!


  3. Well done in completing the race!!

  4. Congrats what an awesome achievement !!!
    Training/Exercise is a commitment and a juggle (this I know) so well done


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