Friday, April 25, 2014

Little Mark

Milla, when you were two and a half we spent a morning in hospital having your "little mark" removed. 

I don't actually think you ever saw your Little Mark since it was on your side/back, but you could feel it with your hand. You called it your Little Mark, and one time you itched it and it bled. Thats when I decided to ask the doctor about it. 

You weren't born with it, and it had started growing quite quickly so they decided to remove it and do some tests. It's nothing sinister, but hopefully it wont grow back.

You were a star on the day. When you woke up from your quick surgery all you wanted was food. There was only one person allowed in recovery and Dad wanted to go in and be with you so he saw you as soon as you woke up. He said you were quite loopy. 

After some milk, iceblock, icecream, jelly (which I ended up eating), chips and water you were back to your usual self wanting to play with all the toys. It was hard work prying you away from their big ride in car (its your favourite toy right now at Toddlerock).

Two weeks later now your see-through bandage has come off and you're left with a little cut that is healing quite nicely. I guess it will scar, so I wanted to write this down so when you asked about it I would remember. 

I'm really really proud of you. 

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