Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Katie Updatie Month 9

Sorry Katie, life was crazy when you turned 9 Months old and I don't have proper photos from our monthly photoshoot. You can blame your Aunty Amy for that one. Her and Raj came over from London to get married! We got to spend a whole two weeks doing life with them! It was amazing and you two got on so well. It was true love from the first moments of meeting!

ABOVE:In this photo above you and Milla are watching Mum and Dad run in the City to Surf, the whole family came out to the street corner to watch us run past!

BELOW: Nana and Aunty Amy at Halswell Quarry. 

When you turned nine months we were busy making trips to Akaroa to set up for The Wedding, visiting Westport, having family come stay with us. We had dinners and breakfasts out, late nights and no routine. You were a complete star. You went with the flow and kept on smiling! 

After two weeks you began to protest all the holding, Nana realised she hadn't seen you crawl properly because you were always being held by someone! You just wanted down and some freedom back! They soon realised you were quite good at crawling and pulling yourself to stand, haha.

This month your newest cousin was born, we were so excited to meet Delilah!! You even got to attend her baby shower a few weeks earlier and then we got to see her again when we went to Westport. She is so little and so so sweet, with a whole head of dark hair, she's gorgeous! 

It's going to be so cool when you're all a little older, all you girl cousins are going to have a ball!! 4 of you cousin girls 3 years and under! Yikes!  I can already see the bond that Milla has with Shire of the same age, it'll so sweet when you can have the same with Delilah.

Stay cool and cruisie little babe xxx

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