Friday, April 11, 2014

Katie Updatie - Month 7

We're in our new home now Katie. It was so sad for me to leave our little apartment. The one that you and Milla were born in. That address was printed on your birth certificates, we'll never forget it. 

However, we're glad to have more space at our new place, and now you're moving we can't stop you! The extra space is much much better. It will be so good when you can freely explore outside with your own two feet. We have a park right behind our new house, we've been to it quite a few times with Milla for an afternoon picnic and you're begging to go play with her.

But. We are only renting at this stage. So at some point in your next few years we'll move again and create new memories together at that place too :)

You've perfected your crawl, you're so fast now, you love to crawl right down the hallway and see me in the kitchen at the very end. I can hear you huffing all the way along until you appear at the doorway.

This month we took you to our friends wedding. Celeste and Joel got married in a forest and had their wedding reception in the middle of a paddock under a marquee. You were the only kid allowed there (Milla had her first overnight stay with Nanny), so you got passed around a lot, much to your delight. We fed you dinner, then took you for a little walk down a few rural gravel roads and soon you were fast asleep in the pram. We woke you when it was time to go after Mama had a big dance and Dad had DJ'd the party, around midnight. Yup, you're the best baby ever. I marvelled.

You grew two teeth this month. Your two little bottom ones. One appeared, and then the next one a few weeks later. You weren't particularly fussy and we didn't notice you teething, but those teeth were definitely there!

Your favourite foods to munch on right now are steamed carrots, spaghetti and banana.

Now that we're in our new house we have a bath for the first time!! You. LOVE. the bath. You get to share bath time with Milla and you splash and squeal to your hearts content. When you're in the bath you prefer to hold on to a little orange tea cup dish, and any of the pink stars that float about.

We go to church every single week, and I only ever need to leave the service and go into creche when you get too excited (thats right, its not because you're grumpy, only ever because all of the smiling faces, the music and the lights gets you going with joy!). But that's okay, you've met the sweetest little friend Eda in Creche who has started coming to our church and you've quickly become Best Baby Buddies. 

Baby, you're the best. I love you. 

Love, Mama (and Papa and Milla) xxx x

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  1. Love the way you 'write' to Katie on your blog.


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