Friday, April 25, 2014

Katie Updatie Month 10

Happy 10 months little babe!! Out longer than in! I hope you've been enjoying your life Earth-side so far!

This month we had to say Good Bye to Amy and Raj, I hope its not too long until you see them both again. But you know, life carries on, and a week later you were walking behind your trolley and clapping your hands. "If only they saw this" I said, but life doesn't stop, you don't either!

So we've pulled the trolley out and the little sturdy baby pram and you are loving being vertical! Slow and steady wins the race Katie, figure it out first okay? No need to rush things.

Clapping came at some point, it feels like you've been doing it forever but it's only been a short few weeks! Any time we say "paki paki", "clap" or laugh, or sing... or do anything remotely exciting you clap and look around for approval and praise! (but with a new phase an old one must go, you've stopped waving! We miss it so, but we know it will return again soon)

You've started talking more this month. We're pretty sure you say "mumumummm" for Mum and "Dadaddadad" when Dads around. It's become not quite coincidence that we're almost 99% sure you're saying our names. 

You also masted how to pick up your sippy cup to your mouth and drink. Clever cookie!

Oh! And you got two top teeth! Except you grew one front one and one side one (which is a tiny bit different), so you're a little lopsided right now! It makes for a hilarious grin because you try and match your teeth up, it's gorgeously hilarious! So now you have a total of FOUR teeth! Yahoo Katie! (and all the dribble to boot!)

Only two months until your birthday! We will start planning the celebrations soon! x

Love you Little One xxx

Happy Easter Katie! 

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