Wednesday, November 5, 2014

More Zipper Practice [stuff I've made]

Two wee zipper pouches to go with two baby shower presents. Handy for all sorts! All the pads, the pain killers, the make up, the snacks, the... everything! 

And, little pouches perfect for zipper practice! These ones were much faster and easier, but definitely prefer the method of putting them in with the wee bits of fabric at each end like on this one. So much neater and nicer that way :)

The Green one had an interfacing lining, the red one has cotton batting and was quilted together.  

I used an invisible zipper for the red one because it's all I had on hand, but one of these days I'll learn how to insert in invisibly. Hahaaa! (oops, and forgot to topstitch the red one!) Off to search Pinterest now for zipper inspiration...

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