Monday, February 9, 2015

A Dresses For Cambodia UPDATE:: Checking In

How are your dresses for Cambodia going? I've just made my first one (above)! I thought I had better start making, considering some of you are already emailing me with your finished dresses! Absolutely amazing!

If you are wanting to post them, flick me an email to find out my postal address! sophie [AT]

As for the pattern, it's quite easy! A beginner could easily whip one of these up in a few hours, an experienced sewer could probably do one in half an hour! Have a go and see what happens :)

In the near future I'll be showing you some tags we are getting made to go with them, and announcing about a sewing bee and a charity providing shorts and tees for the boys (!!!!) all in good time though :)

Love, Sophie

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  1. Planning on starting on mine in the next couple of weeks! I've just been setting the kids up with their schooling :) Keep making and sharing you will be spurring me on! xx

  2. Made my first one yesterday! Just have to hem it. Love how simple it is!


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