Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Weekender Bag

I can now proudly present:: the Amy Butler Weekender Bag to you. Finished, and already well used. 

Truly, this project was the most complicated, intense, and expensive sewing project I have completed to date!

I had never put together such a piece before, with so many different panels and layers (some times I was sewing through 10 layers!). It was challenging; I learnt a lot of new techniques, and nailed my piping and zipper installations.

The bag is completely lined, and the interfacing on this bag is intense. It can stand up on its own accord and has 2 different types of interfacing in each panel, as well as a false bottom insert for a sturdy base and easy washing.

Although it took me a few months of procrastinating (and learning more about zippers), it only took a few afternoons to sew up.

Lately it feels like I've upped my sewing game, and have been able to produce things I am very proud of and don't feel the need to apologise for and point out my mistakes. 

I think that has come through a lot of practice, and a few years of making a lot of mistakes and learning new skills. The more I sew, the better I get.

This bag is worth it's weight in gold:: $130 for (new) fabric and notions (including new needles) ($50 of that was just on the interfacing!), and $16 for the pattern. This is no cheap sew. 

If I ever make this again (It's likely!) I think I will make a patchwork version and use quilting scraps that I have, and use a wadding inner to keep the cost down (like this one) // I'll also include pockets on the inside next time too.

Regardless of price, I am constantly reminded that I could not buy this bag anywhere, not at that price for such good quality. Also, my fabric choices have "Sophie" written all over them. If ever there was a bag that was meant for me, it's this one.

It is so big, absolutely perfect for a night or weekend away! The girls often take it to their Nanna's house when they stay the night there. It carries swimming togs and towels and everything we need for the beach, or a trip to the park. 

Our weekender bag is very well used already, it's a great make that will last a long time.

If you want to make your own, you can buy the Weekender Bag Pattern here (It's the cheapest online that I found)

What's on your sewing table? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

[Pinnacle Life Insurance have sponsored a banner ad on this post. All words and photos are my own, photo credit to Milla Moo2 for the shots of me!]


  1. LOVE it! The fabric selection/ colours, piping and zip installation! Everything! Well done you! And love the new look on the blog too :)

    1. Thanks so much Jenny! That means a lot coming from you! ;) You were right all along, we do get better with practice ;) x

  2. I LOVE this. Perfect in every way.

  3. That is fabulous!! I can tell you have done a marvelous job on all the finishings! Piping can be quite fiddly! I have been eyeing up this bag pattern for quite a while, one to add to my list :)

    1. Thanks Laura! I had a few piping practices on some dresses and cushions before I started this project to get the technique right! :)

  4. It looks really good Sophie, I've not made it, but do have another bag pattern from her range that I want to make one day.

  5. Sophie, the bag is gorgeous. I too have tackled this pattern and everything you wrote could have been my words - right down to the price (and the justification of its worth!). My bag gets heaps of use too, I make sure not to save it for best, and I love it. I hope one day we pass in the airport with our own happy cabin bags! Sue :)

    1. What a fabulous comment! I hope that happens too x

  6. Fabulous bag Sophie - what's on mh sewing table - towels to put a serpentine stitch around to reinforce the edgings before I use them, and some mending........

  7. Amazeballs Soph!! You have impressed me so much with your sewing! You have well surpassed me with your skills :P Love the fabric choices too. xxx

  8. gorgeous work Sophie - you have really made a bag to be super proud of. I think once you have some sewing under your belt it's easier to buy fabric etc because you know you will make something that works - this bag is proof of that! xx

  9. Looks great.

    On my sewing table a dress for cambodia, a cushion for creche at church and a couple of items for me.


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