Monday, September 7, 2015

Camillas Rainbow, Fairy, Princess, Butterfly, Flower, Star Party. 4 Years old!

Happy 4th birthday Princess Camilla!

For the last 6 months Camilla has been looking forward to her birthday! She decided all on her own that she would have a Rainbow, Flower, Princess, Butterfly, Fairy, Star Party. And on the morning of her party, declared to the breakfast table that she would have a "real, big fairy come". 

Sheesh, where do kids get this stuff from!?

So as not to disappoint, we tried to make her dreams come true (minus the real fairy).

12 Princesses came to her party, and one little Prince. You were thrilled. Dreams really do come true. 

Earlier in the week we built a cardboard "Castle" together which all the kids had fun playing in; it was a little maze to play in with some windows and "lounge" as she called it. The castle was a huge playing point and throughout the party we painted it with chalk paint . This was a huge hit, and when dry it just brushed off the concrete and party dresses. We also played on the trampoline, played pass the parcel and blew bubbles.

Katie had a blast too, and managed to blow out the birthday candles on two different occasions, much to Milla's frustration.

Happy birthday our sweet, intelligent, kind, sensitive, strong, thoughtful girl. 

Camilla; Female warrior and servant of the Lords House; yes, that is who you are. xxxx

Love Mama x

 Photos by: Jared Fretwell and Nana Ngaire! Thank you! x

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  1. How wonderful to have such a fun thing as a maze castle to play in and paint - and to have royalty visit too, if not a fairy :-)


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