Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Green Knit Dress

Happy Spring Time! Today was 22 degrees, and after this photo shoot I took off my tights and let my winter legs breathe! 

It's hard to believe but I actually made this dress all the way back in Autumn! And I'm only just blogging about it now! It's been a winter staple of mine, paired with leggings and boots and layered with merino cardis, I've worn it every week since I made it. I can see this dress taking me all the way to summer.

Sewing this was a learning curve for me, I was learning as I went to sew knits (with zig zag, no serger in sight!), use a double pointed needle and clear elastic for the waist. Aside from a little frustration at the beginning (I stretched the neckline and had to restart!), it was smooth sailing and not nearly as scary and the internet made it seem! I shall go forth and sew knits with confidence from now on.

The waist is actually a little below my natural waist line which irks me, but as I'm no perfectionist I move on and will never fix it. I've since made another dress in this pattern and have lifted the waist line up 3cm which makes such a difference, and have made the same adjustment on other clothing items I have made since.

I have just got a phone tripod and remote for my camera so I can take my blog photos by myself now! I had lots of fun today playing around with it and being a bit silly for the camera! Hopefully this will help me record all the things I've been making, and not rely on my 4 year old to take my photos.

Fabric: Cotton Jersey Knit in lime green

Thanks for stopping by to read! If you'd like to see more of my sewing you can click here.


  1. Love it! The dress looks so good on you and those photos are so cute! Looks like you had fun with it all too. Whoop whoop!

  2. Well done! I adore the colour too, you look fab xxx

  3. Fabulous frock, and wonderful model!


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