Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things To Do...

... When you are 29 weeks pregnant...

  • Begin a weekly countdown on the fridge
  • Decide on a name (we have a great one but I still dont know if I want you to know it. I'm still getting used to it myself)
  • Start antenatal classes
  • Make a game out of guessing what body parts are trying to push themselves through my belly button.
  • Refer to Graeme as "Spikey Man" everytime he gets close
  • Realise that having a newborn is going to happen in a matter of weeks and feel completely inadequate and unprepared
  • Start getting help with the groceries (Graeme offering made me cry)
Just a little update :)


  1. It's the final count-down, dooo doo doo doo. dooo doo doo doo doooo! hehe
    Ok, KEEP the name to yourselves til the baby is born. Since you have shared the gender, it's always nice to keep something secret for just you two.
    Hilarious re: the "spikey man" nickname. My friend goes through a phase where her husband's smell makes her feel sick and she doesn't want him near her! Poor guys.
    Yes you are totally inadequate and unprepared as it is the most life changing thing you could ever go through. But everyone is like that with their first born. The thing is that you always do your best and keep trying new things that work for you (when baby comes) and there are always people around who will offer help or advice (whether asked or not.)
    I think if you have room, start making some meals and freezing. That is the present I want the most when people come to vist after having my baby - I want meals to help me out! Pretty blankets and toys are great but dont feed anyone. :D
    And that my dear is the end of my speech. xox

  2. Well my dear, that was a brilliant speech!

    Thank you for every.single.thing you said there.

    We have started to tell people her name in person. It feels great for her to have a name.


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