Friday, June 10, 2011

Dear Baby, 28 Week Update

Braxton Hicks contractions: 0

Times I have vomited: 2

Thoughts this week: Her eyes will be partially opened, although there’s not much to see in there. She has known when its light and dark for a while now, unfortunately she hasn’t learn that darkness is a time for sleeping. She kicks and spins whenever we are trying to sleep and will wake me up in the middle of the night. I had my first bout of heart burn this week. Extremely painful burning acid shooting up my throat and into my mouth. This is because a preggo hormone relaxes all of my muscles and joints so everything can expand – this also means my oesophagus is relaxing and there’s not much I can do about the acid.

For the first time I thought and said outloud to Graeme and I didn’t want to be pregnant that day. I woke up sore and tired and just wanted a day off. He laughed at me, rubbed my back and tried to make the rest of my day a little bit easier. Bless him.

We also decided this week to have a home birth as our first birthing option. It was a pretty easy decision to make when you compared all of the options. Our midwife is excellent and I am learning all I can about birth and babies to be as prepared as possible. When it comes down to it, I was made to do this. That fact scares away any concerns very quickly.

I had my last monthly midwife appointment this week where she took bloods and tested my pee again. All good for diabetes and protein with the blood results coming later in the week. From now on the appointments are fortnightly and we are booked in for Anti Natal classes to begin in a fortnight as well.

28 Weeks Baby Bump. Yes, that is my belly button sticking out from my blurry bump.

Lucy Rose Burgess in my arms. Taken on Steves iPhone. Not even 2 days old!

Dear Baby,

Dad passed some of his most beloved books into your name this week. I can’t wait till you can sit in his lap and he can read them to you. Your Dad isn’t a reader but I think you might just change that.

This week your good friend Lucy was born. She is so sweet! Her Mum and Dad have taught me so much already about parenthood and they are good friends of ours. I know you’ll have a lot to do with them when you grow up.

Love, Mum


  1. Yay homebirth! I had one here in chch 3 weeks ago (you can read my birth story on the kiwi mummy blogs preggy dairy) and it was awesome. Are you taking the homebirth antenatal classes? I can recommend them - very useful!

  2. Cool! I'll look it up :) No to the antenatal classes- we're doing ours at Burwood as the others (HB) never got back to us :)


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