Friday, September 21, 2012

Dear Baby - 12 month update

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 I still haven't found the words to express my feelings over my baby girl turning One. Life goes on, we grow around each other, and before we know it we have a toddler.

This last year as been an absolute joy. I underestimated how much my love bank could grow for a such a little person and my husband. Our family.

I will always look at this first year and remember it fondly. We have grown so much and be a part of so many amazing memories.

Laying in bed in the sun when Dad went to work for the first time after your birth, coming into the spare room to find you and Dad tucked up together taking a snooze, following a trail of candy hearts and finding you on our holiday bed in Akaroa holding my birthday present, picnic at the park with the Burgesses, holidays in Westport and coming home to find you screaming her head off with Nana and then as soon as you were back in my arms perfectly happy, rolling for the first time and not believing my eyes, Gigging at Dad playing cricket, loving your mashed broccoli, playing on the grass at the Vogels, crawling and standing up in the same day I nearly died! Yelling in your cousin Shires face when she came too close, clapping and standing up for the first time on camera, dancing (forever dancing), worshiping at church with your hands up, being pushed over by Lucy, geocaching in the rain in Hanmer and then getting an elbow to the head, the "oh oh oh"s as you drove forward facing for the first time.

And then, all of the things you have learnt to do with ease. On your first birthday you can say "ta", "rawwr", "Mum" and "Dad". You can crawl, roll, stand, wipe (lots of wiping around here), bounce, get off the couch (or bed), wave, clap, point,

Three days after your first birthday you took your first step and haven't stopped since! Going from one step to 20 in one afternoon!

This world is better off with you in it. You light up a room and melt strangers hearts. Surely, goodness and peace flow from you to make this world a better place.

Milla is a 'wiping' pro. 


Dearest One Year Old,

This last year has been a journey and it will continue to be for the rest of your life. 

Work hard, aim for success and most of all be kind. Know that there is power in hard work, achieving will get you places, but being kind and loving will keep you in those places. 

Grow and develop deep friendships, have fun, love and laugh with one another, have a friend whose shoulder you can cry on when you need it. Be a great friend in return. 

Love your family.

Look after this earth, treasure it like Gods creation, pick up your litter, care for the plants and animals and find peace within a sunset. Take moments to get out of the big cities and see the stars again. Send up some prayers and realise how truly small we all are and how truly big God is. And thank Him for that. Even though we are so small, He loves us. 

Your name means female warrior and servant of the Lords House. That is my prayer for you. Be strong and serve God - who knows what could be achieved

A lot of love can be found in this world, Camilla. I hope you will see the love and beauty that is around you.  

Love you Milla Moo,
Your Mama xx

Millas first year in video

See Millas monthly progress here


  1. so, so sweet, Love those photos and all your sentiments and dreams for her

  2. Those are some lovely words and she is a major cutie, love the wiping, that is classic

  3. nana ngaire and grandad harry love you also camilla, you are such a delight to all of our lives. i am so proud of your mum and dad also, they together have done a wonderful job rearing you for your first year. you are soo beautiful, i always said to your and mum and dad one day you will make beautiful babies, and look what they have produced.. you. grow my sweetie, enjoy your life, and what life brings to you, may you be happy, and give and recieve lots of love. looking forward to watching you develop in life, and we get to share it with you . love you lots , nana and grandad thomas xx

  4. One already! Wah! That went so fast!!! She looks pro enough to graduate to the mop and vacuum soon, then all she will need to learn is how to make a cup of tea and you're set for life. Happy Birthday Camilla.


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