Monday, September 10, 2012

Millas Teddy Bears Picnic - 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Millas 1st year with a teddy bears picnic with friends and family on Saturday.

There was grass, blankets, teddies, bubbles, sand, water and a whole lot of wind. 

It was so nice to have everyone in one place and to thank them for being in our lives as well as Millas. 

We really appreciate all of the relationships we are able to build with people, we have amazing support and such loving people in our lives, its a real blessing to us! 

This whole party took a lot of planning and very little $. Guests were told to bring their own picnic lunch and aside from that mostly I was able to use my own supplies and creativity to make it special, I especially loved making the sign for the front fence and the cardboard kites by the food table. I was trying to recreate the front cover of the teddy bears picnic book,  Balloons, kites, blankets, pom pom strings (these lay inside completely forgotten about) and a menu board. 

I was able to borrow the spotted table clothes and bubble machine from our church and the rest was made.

My thoughts on Millas first birthday
How we celebrated on her birthday


  1. oh man that last photo is classic! It was so much fun! Loved how 'picnicy'(in the most awesome way) it felt! So much fun!

  2. Looks great! Hope the birthday girl had a wonderful day and that mum and dad got to relax afterwards xx

  3. Looks like a very lovely celebration that will go down in the memory books for sure. Great job with the decorations. x


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