Saturday, August 30, 2014

REQUEST:: Your fav sewing patterns?

I think I have had too many crafting fails recently, slippers, booties, cloths, banners, it just hasn't been working out for me. But I am feeling more and more pulled to the sewing of clothes and want to get stuck in. Jenny and Deb have been big inspirations, already sewing up their kids summer wardrobes (!)(I can't see past what my kids are wearing today?!)

I wondered, could you leave a link to your favourite tried and true sewing patterns for me to have a go at?! 

FB is probably the easiest, since IG and the blog are so hard to comment on and leave clickable links. You'll find me on Facebook at Sophie Slim.

I would really love love love it if you did me the favour xxx


  1. hi lovely, The best pattern I have made for little girls is the cross-over back one and I've made it reversible. In terms of patterns all the New Look patterns are $10.50 each so I tend to wait until fabric vision or spotlight are doing a half price patterns sale and grab them then. They are simple and I have had a lot of success with the patterns of theirs that I have used. The dress looks like this that one was a pattern I grabbed from the travelling stash box and also this one which was a mccalls pattern - sorry not sure of the number. Have a look on trademe too the kids patterns there should go for cheap. The other thing I do now is always type the pattern number into google images and find a blogger who has made it and read their review of the pattern - also because I like to see the pattern on a real body if you know what I mean!! long answer there!! :o) x

  2. I love to make my kids clothes. I just made a couple of simple skirts for my daughter's friends as birthday presents. I used leftovers from other projects.

    A book I have used is making children's clothes by Emma Hardy. It is for 0-5 years but I have made clothes for Miss 6 out of it by enlarging patterns.

    I also have used a butterick pattern pinafore pattern (3772) heaps but I can't find it online so may not be available in more. I have a number of patterns. If you want to come and have a look at my collection sometime let me know. You can borrow some.


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