Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Taking Stock 6/8/14

 KAPOW! I'm back on the lappy, it's rare these days. But here I am, with so much but so little to tell you. Here's a taking stock...

Making: Party Props, Frozen costumes, birthday dresses and... everything??
Cooking: Not enough. Food is just being eaten before it can be made around here. I need to up my game, and up our grocery budget.Drinking: Waaater. So parched. Reading: Eat This Book (still). I need to get my head around non-fiction writing again, it's been so long.Playing: Taxi, Husband work drop offs and pick ups, Kindy drop offs and pick ups. I feel like we are always in the car these days. Sewing: Curtain hems and costumes.Wishing: For another week in this busy month!Enjoying: Sunshine. So much glorious sunshine this week! 

Liking: Spring flowers, colourful clothes, and pollen on the ground (but not the itchy nose and face because of it!)
Wondering: How to make our lives a little easier. 
Loving: My hard working husband. He does a lot.
Hoping: To win a holiday! (I haven't entered any competitions. But it would be a nice surprise huh!)
Marvelling: At my Little Katie walking, and Millas beautiful sing-songs
Needing: That holiday.
Wearing: My new EziBuy threads! I was treated to a shopping trip last weekend!
Thinking: How I should get on with my evening so that it isn't wasted! Time is precious around here!
Feeling: Tired. Very. Tired.
Bookmarking: Frozen party ideas.

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  1. hi, oh that hay fever is a killer in chch. Also I definitely think you should make yourself a party dress every year too!! xx

  2. Do hope you got some quality sleep, and lots of it, soon!

  3. Sending you some restful peaceful sleepy thoughts . . . . And a warm hug . . . . :)


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