Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Sketch of Milla

I was super enough to have Sarah Gauntlett (Blog | Instagram links) do a sketch of Milla a few days before Christmas.

How delicious does Milla look on paper?

As usual, I think Sarah nailed her subject, and in only a few hours as well! I'm hoping she will be able to squeeze in Katie too, but i'll keep my fingers and toes crossed in the mean time!

If you love Sarah's work, you can buy some of her talent for your own portraits. I've seen the rest of her work too, she wont let you down! She completely amazes and inspires me in every way.

Thank you SOOO much Sarah! This portrait will adorn our walls for the rest of our lives x

((photo:: from earlier this year, I photographed both my girls in my wedding gown))

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